Welcome to my House of Music

Born 20 years ago into SA's CDJ's in a small South African Town of Middelburg, DJ Cuebur has since challenged and re-defined The World of House Music.


This Johannesburg and Internationally based DJ/Producer is also Known for his versatililty and innovation in his Funky, Deep, Commercial, Electro & Fidgit House creations, & it is said that without " Cuebur there is no rhythm".


At the early of 15 DJ Cuebur's music had began to Pulsate South Africa's Clubs and Dance floors bringing to SA a different style in Music and like many South Africans and Internationals his music has continuously and innovatively thumped  our ears and hearts with the rhythmic elements and sound of his music constantly played at SA's TOP Radio Stations.


Known as a world renowned DJ/Producer many Artists and Performers have danced and sang to his marvelous House, R&B and Hip Hop creations hence making him the most reputable and appreciated  DJ/Producer.


Having worked with many local artists;now  DJ Cuebur Goes International!


Joining Hands with The world's biggest DJ's/Producers/Performers and Artists; DJ Cuebur continues to Dominate  Internationals with his BIGGER & BETTER Music Creations Known and appreciated by Fellow South African DJ's/Producers and Performers, DJ Cuebur is without a doubt a true definition of a Music Phenomenon.


DJ Cuebur is one the World's Rare and Most Talented Individuals but most importantly he is a Self motivated, Self Inspired and Self made DJ/Producer.


An Eminated Doctor of Music, and a Computer Engineer by Profession and of course a Graphic Designer @ heart, DJ Cuebur is indeed the Soul of Dance Music.


Of all of DJ Cuebur's many electrifying talents and of course his many acomplishments it is only fair to mention that this Young South Africa based but Internationally made Superstar DJ is of course the Hottest, Good Looking DJ's, South Africa has ever seen.


Having started at such an early one can imagine that his TurnTables and CDJ's have of course turned him into a muscled yet  Hottest &  Hunkiest Entertainer.


And his Music?????????

 SA is currently being rocked by his Latest Track Pepe, which has been played by the likes of DJ Mbuzana, DJ Shimza, DJ Mac G, Black Coffee and of course DJ Sbu.

Discovered by SA's biggest up & Coming Record label: Burning Cube Records; DJ Cuebur's Music is of course Hot enough to put the Coldest of Cubes on FIREDJ Cuebur is SA's BIGGEST and BEST DJ/Producer and most importantly a highly respected Business Man in the Music Industry.


DJ Cuebur's music has been played at local schools,universities, colleges and on local Radio Stations such as YFM, Metro FM, Ikwekwezi FM and of Course his hometown Radio Station; Greater Middelburg FM.


DJ Cuebur has played with the likes of: DJ Kanunu, DJ Trevor, DJ CK, DJ Sizwe, DJ C Max, DJ Skhumba, DJ Trevor, DJ Mabhodo, DJ Xola, DJ Dosi, DJ Ngaba, DJ Treyn, DJ Lenzo, DJ Nathan XXX and of course Channel O's Award Winning DJ: DJ Shimza.


Producers: Nathan XXX & Bongani, Andyboi.

DJ Cuebur: The proud Producer of SA's Sensational and Soulfully Talented Performer Andyboi DJ Kafanova and Phoenix.

Burning Cube Records: A brainchild of The Party Crew SA's Antonio which has created the Producer/Artists Owned Undiscovered Records as well.


DJ Cuebur says: " swhakka dudes"!

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